GUITAR TUITIONS: Learn to play guitar easily

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GUITAR TUITIONS: Learn to play guitar easily

Post by Yash-GuitarMan on Fri Mar 28, 2008 12:08 pm

Learn to play the guitar-Start from the very beginning

What is a guitar?

Abstractly speaking, a guitar is a lifeless piece of wood, or metal ;
or both which when left alone remains like a trunk of wood somewhat
beautiful or strange in appearance. If an alien comes on earth and sees
a guitar, he would try to guess what the hell is this tree which has no
roots!? Is it a monument or is a piece of art he would think.

However, if a non-guitarist tries to play the guitar, he would seem no less than
a terrestrial alien. So, this is why it is important to convey the idea
of what is a guitar to all of you who are alien to this "thing".

First of all, for me, a guitar is a living piece of musical instrument when
it is being played by its rightful owner. Then the guitar and the human
make ONE and that is where melodies are formed.

readers, please note that my blog is updated almost everyday,
gradually, the lessons will get more and more challenging. I believe
that I must try my best to aid you in becoming a good guitarist and
this is why I started from the very beginning, that is choosing and
buying a guitar then the theories, finger warm ups etc. More are to
come in the future...keep checking this blog every day and pass it to
all your friends. A+)

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